What Our Clients Say

This place saved my life. I thought I could do it myself. Even though I relapsed, they save my life. I know I would be dead if I hadn’t been through here.

One day I started to feel better. This saved my life…I’m doing things I’ve never done, never been able to do. I thought I was alone, but there’s help out there. Now it’s easier to ask for help, and that’s because of this house.

Addiction takes all of your hope and faith out of you. This place puts it back in you.

Unfortunately the public thinks it’s all a matter of willpower. They still don’t understand, they probably never will.

They’ve given so much to me. I was broken, full of shame and guilt. This place changed that.

This place gave me a sense of belonging. I felt cared for. I felt appreciated, I felt loved.

I’m eternally grateful for the support of the Recovery Home. I can never thank them enough. What they’ve given is so precious to me.